Just Starting Out...

i have a question on the query letter what if you don't know the editor's name I just have the publishing place and address what do I do. Can I send out more than one copy to more than one place or is that a bad idea to do that. Can you help me I am just starting out.

The publishing place is called the publishing company, or the publisher.

If you have the company name and address, look them up on the web.

Find the place on the site that says "how to submit work" or "submissions".

They will tell you whom to send it to.

Unless a publisher says they want exclusive submissions, you can send it to more than one publisher.

You might want to invest some time in learning more about the industry before you fire off a query letter. "Just starting out" is not the time to query.

Did you ever see the short film "Bambi and Godzilla"? Well, you're not Godzilla.


Yasmine Galenorn said...

First: you write. And you read. Read up on the industry. Read books in your genre. Read books out of your genre. Write. Get something down on paper and then revise it and edit it and revise it again. When you think you're done, revise it yet once more. THEN...start querying. And while your query is out, start writing something new because first books seldom sell. It's not unheard of, but it's rare.

WagerWitch said...

"Did you ever see the short film "Bambi and Godzilla"? Well, you're not Godzilla."

Uhm... that's kind of what it feels like.

Anonymous said...

And Godzilla is wearing stilettos. *ouch!*

Anonymous said...

I recall it as "Bambi MEETS Godzilla," as in SMOOSH - SPLAT. A cult classic from long, long ago.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Interesting, I received the same question worded just like that only yesterday in email and fired off a reply that answered it. I suspect it's the same person.

I think this is when someone needs to say, "Wait for the answer instead of running around recklessly posting it everywhere." In other words, practice the art of patience. It will be needed even more when waiting for a reply from a query letter.