Magna cum Location

Miss Snark,

I'm a returning college student (I'm 26) and have an address that reflects my current status as a student. I've been kind of nervous about the query letters I've been sending because I don't want to draw the impression about being grouped in the standard demograph for college students. How much focus is given to the address (or does it matter as long as there's a SASE?) Is this valid or am I just being paranoid?

I really like the blog; it's a great service to writers. (Thank you, it's great fun to write)

Well, unless your campus mail situtation is better than when Miss Snark was bicycling around The Quad and majoring in poodle paleontology, you'd do well to get an off campus mail drop or a real post office box for your SASEs. Post office box rentals for the letter size are pretty inexpensive and worth the investment.

To answer the question though: no, it doesn't matter. I never look at the address on the envelope, and I don't attach any meaning to a college address. Unless of course it's the Ringling Brothers Clown College in Florida. Then I send my answer in invisible ink.


Mars said...

I wonder what the "standard demograph for college students" is? Students shouldn't (and for the most part, aren't) treated any differently. If the writing is good, its good. Right?

Jane Lebak said...

I sold my first novel from a college address. It didn't seem to bother the editor when I changed addresses three times in two years and had them send things like my author's copies to my mother's house. Or FedEx the preliminary cover to where I happened to be during the summer.

Elektra said...

College mail works just like a P.O. Box--there's even a mail center thing, which is perfect for sending out partials.