Many People Desire Me..just so you know!

Dear Miss Snark:

I'd like your expert opinion.

Currently, I have my full ms out to one editor and three different agents. It's only been a month, so I'm not stressing (well, not too much). But just the other day another agent asked for the full, which I sent. Should I tell the three other agents that another agent has requested the full as well, or leave it alone and wait to see what happens? To clarify, I'm not sending out new queries or partials, this last request came from a partial I sent out before Christmas.

Thank you for all your wonderful advice.

There's no need to let all the contenders for your affections know the status of the competiton. Time will come when you'll have to sort out who gets your hand for the big dance and some of us will find out the hard way that sloth is not its own reward.

Emails from people telling me "Agent Fabulosity has just requested a full, just fyi" make me grind my teeth. Like this is gonna make me read faster? slower? give up? IF Agent Fabulosity makes you an offer and you are seriously considering it, then I want to know. Evreything up to that point is just nagging.

And there are those out there who've been known to emulate the Used Car Sales Pitch book..and have told me "several reputable New York agents are also considering this". What does that make me? Disreputable? Not in New York? There's no way that ever sound like anything other than what it is: grasping at straws.

Leave the straws for Bill E. Goat to stand on with the nags in the barn, while you get dressed for the big dance up in the main house.


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

"Oh, my Great Goat! Miss Snark mentioned me by name on her blog. I'm a celebrity! Say, I wonder if that will make a difference with that cute French Alpine."-- Bill E. Goat

bookfraud said...

we all have our moment in the sun, bill.

Anonymous said...

IF Agent Fabulosity makes you an offer and you are seriously considering it, then I want to know.

Are there conditions on that? My instinct would be that if you were reading a full and Agent Fabulosity made an offer, then I'd let you know. But if you were less far along in the process (like you only had a partial)), then there would relly be no way you could seriously consider the manuscript in a reasonable time (reasonable being before A. F. became irritated).

Anonymous said...

All the agents who requested a full from me asked if other agents were reading the manuscript. Of course, I was honest. Didn't name names, just said "several other agents." But if they don't ask, I don't tell.

Andrea said...

The agents who requested a full or partial never asked if anyone else was being considered. If they asked, I would have been honest. That they haven't, well...