Miss Snark is Chided

miss snark
you were too kind to the knucklehead who wanted to make his agent search contingent on simpatico politics.
my agent is a pinko.
i'm a libertarian who believes the second amendment is the most important one because without it, the rest are at the mercy of the government.
who gives a shit?
all i care about is that she's a smart, creative, tenacious and tough agent. She is, so i'm happy.
you're getting too nice. watch it, please.

Yikes! Miss Snark retires to her desk to fire up the pink semi-automatic machine pistol and knock off a nitwit or two before the dinner hour!

Look, some people don't give a shit about their agent's personal beliefs, like you don't. And I don't care if my clients are flaming lefties/righties/rabbitonians. However, there are zealots in the world who insist on associating only with their own kind. Have at it I say, less chance you'll query me.

This guy didn't ask if I thought his was a wise choice. No no. He'd MADE the choice, he just wanted to know how to implement it.

Whether I was too nice is of course your opinion but I will run sandpaper over my claws before typing the next answer, the better to be stern, snarkly and abrasive (sounds like good agency name doesn't it: Stern, Snark and Abrasive?)


Anonymous said...

Well, your answer seemed impeccably correct to me: It was up to the rest of us to rake Mr./Ms. I Want to be a Writer but Can't Stand It When People Disagree With Me over the proverbial coals.

Eh. The more I think of it, I don't think the issue is going to come up for him/her, anyway. Writers need to be tolerant enough to learn why other people believe the things they do to write, even if they don't agree. I doubt this person has a single subtle impulse.

Carter said...

Stern, Snarkly, and Abrasive sounds a lot better than Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe, who make most of their sales to iUniverse (the few that don't go to PublishAmerica), which is where most zealots wind up.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder if both writers' characters are, as I saw in one published novel a year or so back,, all divided into White-Hats (that believe like the author and spout his/her opinions as their own) and Black-Hats, representing the Evil Other.


Mags said...

pink semi-automatic machine pistol

Aw, man, I want one of those!!!

The Green Cedar said...

"Stern, Snark and Abrasive"...with legal representation, of course, by Dewey, Cheatem & Howe...

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

None of my posts show up any more. I think I've been rejected as a snarkling. Now, I am depressed.