Miss Snark the Musical-updated

I learned the hard way to put down the gin pail when Miss Tarquini sends me a link.
Well, ok, I learned it the hard way six or seven times till it stuck.

Now of course, it's not just put down the gin pail, it's fasten your seat belt or you will be on the floor, rolling optional: Miss Snark The Musical I not only laughed so loud I woke the poodle from a sound sleep, I raced over to Rock Center to join the Rockette kick line.

Update: Well, the Rockettes said I had to give up gin, so that's another crushed dream. Fortunately, I guess I'll be singing in a saloon soon. I even have a signature song to smooth the auditions.


Kitty said...

OMG! As someone who's dabbled in photoshopping Mr. Spongeworthy and Miss Snark together, I love the album cover!

Anonymous said...

You should see if you can have that Clooney record cover blown up to poster size for above your bed.

Lisa S. said...

Wow! I wrote Miss Snark's signature song. hee hee...this just made my week. That and freebie Fredric Malle perfume samples I got from Paris today.

And to Kitty and Eileen - a zillion thanks for the complements on the album art MG & I collaborated on.

Mindy Tarquini said...

The Clooney Record Cover is courtesy the very talented Miss Lisa, owner of Jickey's, where Bunions go to get their class acts together.

WannabeMe said...

Yowsers. Bunions have been beesy leetle bees haven't they?


Miss Snark = The Bees' Knees.

The Bunions = Busy Little Bees.

Coincidence? You decide.

WagerWitch said...

Has anyone seen Sha'el lately?

Not a peep out of her for a few days.

Awesome stuff you guys - and I think that Clooney album ought to be blown up and placed over her bed --- on the ceiling... and on t-shirts and towels and airbrushed on her car - on the bus side panels - on big marquee boards, etc.

Lizzy said...

Lady M,

I noticed one of Sha'el's Pixie chapters on Electra's Crapometer.

Anonymous said...

Curious item on Gawker...Could it be??

"George Clooney at the bar at Peninsula Hotel on 55th and 5th Ave Tuesday night talking business with a guy. Outside of the Skyline Hotel on 49th and 10th, there were craft services set up and upon my roommate inquiring we found out George Clooney and Val Kilmer were shooting a movie inside. As we walked our dog later that night, we saw George go into his trailer and then into an Escalade. A lot smaller than expected and seemed hurried, but that could be the fact that a crazy girl was running after him yelling his name"