Miss Snark Resists Temptation

I have a project that is best as an audio tape. What agent would handle that?

Generally audio sales are handled as a subsidiary right. They are sold after the book is sold, and often after the reviews are in and the sales figures are in if it's an unknown.

I know of ONE guy who did an audio first, Ron McClarty, and he is a professional actor who did his own and it got noticed by Stephen King.

Gerard Jones did his own audio and if memory serves, the Great Publishing Pest (whom I just adore actually), is giving it away.

If you intend to do this solely as an audio tape you'd do well to talk to the folks who do music and spoken work productions. They know about this stuff. I have no idea how to find them but I'm guessing a quick turn down Google Lane will provide an address or two.


Anonymous said...

You could try podcasting your work...

Douglas said...

This sounds like a podcast to me too. Tons of resources for that.

Maybe the best example of converting a written effort to such is EarthCore:

noel anonymous coward said...

There is, indeed, a website devoted to publishing books in podcast form, and giving them some kind of chance to be found and heard:


They handled the technical work for the aforementioned Scott Sigler title. EarthCore was first released as a podcast, and has since been picked up by a (small) dead-tree press.

Conceivably that could help interest an agent in the author's next work. I dunno. To offer an opinion would come perilously close to trespass, and already I can hear the drumming feet of Killer Yap behind me.

Gerard Jones said...

Here's a press release I've sent to around 8,000 media guys, which I've also added to my little list of money-grubbing twits who call themselves agents, editors, publishers and movie and media guys. I don't know whether Ms. Snark's on it or not, 'cause who knows who she is?

I made a new art form. It's the slickest, smartest, most edifying, entertaining art form ever made by anyone anywhere. You can read about it and/or listen to it here:


It's free, like me; that's part of its art. The whole thing's fifteen hours long but here's a brief introduction for people who are used to getting brainwashed in increments of three minutes or less:


And here's a longer sample which, although not the best chapter in the book, is easily among the top ten greatest single chapters in all world literature:


There are plenty more chapters in the book that are way better all by themselves than most any other literary work of "art" made in the last twenty years, including the trite folderol that "won" Pulitizers, Grammys, Emmys, Oscars, National Book Awards and the rest of the bogus marketing devices used to sell fatuous fluff to clueless consumers.

If for some inconceivable reason the most edifying new art form ever made isn't your cup of tea, you're welcome to forward this e-mail to anyone you may know whose cup of tea it may be. Thanks. G.

Gerard Jones