A Nitwit Candidate

Howdy Miss Snarkypants!

I am a first time author and have queried about 25 agents. I received 3 requests for a full manuscript. How likely is it that an agent will take me on since I don’t have other work? Don’t most agents want to represent a CLIENT? Should I just not even bother with agents and skip right to publishers?

I hope that the snarkypants comment doesn’t make me nitwit of the day…I hope my question does! Hardy har har!


Dear Miss Annoypants:

Just exactly what do you think a client is? "Client" is by definition what an agent represents.

This is like asking if a parent has children. You can't be a parent without them (and for all you nit pickers, even if a child has died, a parent remains the parent of a child and anyone who says differently is a cold hearted fool).

Do you mean to ask if an agent wants clients with publishing credentials? Asked and answered in other posts but short answer is: don't worry if you don't have them, write well (and you seem to be doing just fine since you've got requests for your work).

Skip right to publishers? You have three agents who want to read your full ms and you ask this? Yes, this may be the nitwit question of the week, but it's Monday, you're not a shoo-in.