No unsolicited queries

Miss Snark,

What does it mean when an agent says they're not taking any unsolicited queries?
Is there any way around that?


Mostly it's a way to cut back on query crap from people who just click or lick instead of firing up Google or some other research tool. There are a lot of places literary agents are listed out there and several of mine now say "not accepting unsolicited queries" cause I'm tired of getting queries for science fiction, poems, romance , and theories on the origin of Snark--areas I do not represent.

Generally it means unless you meet this agent at a writing conference, or on the subway, or while serenading her at the window with your car alarm, you should not plan to send a query. It generally means you'll get a form letter that says "I'm not interested in getting query letters from people I haven't expressed interest in."

There are a lot of agents in this cold cruel world. Why you want want to 'get around' this is beyond me. S/he isn't interested in over the transom queries. Querying agents who ARE strikes me as a better use of your time and energy.

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