Pod-dy Mouth Stat!

People thought I was crazy doing the crapometer but Girl on Demand at Pod-dy Mouth Blog puts me to shame. She invited people to tell her about their POD books...and said she'd read and talk about the ones she liked. She received 5,959 queries from people asking for her attention in the course of a year. A tad over 100 a week.

That's pretty much what I get too at Snark Central.

Here's a list of her stats for that year. Read 'em and weep.

I wish I knew who she was so I could buy and read her book but yanno, gotta respect the cloak!


Lady M said...

Don't worry - she'll tell you. Me thinks.

Mark said...

Me too. I'm the reason she shut down comments. I kept getting blogswarmed by vanity press advocates. Apparently if you have these from a few years ago it's blasphemous to reason it's a worthless thing to from a practical standpoint.

Maria said...

Pod-dy Mouth is great. She reveals a lot of truths about self-publishing--including warnings on various vanity presses, interviews with agents/editors and exposes a lot of the good/bad/ugly about self-publishing. She's a hoot!

Dave Kuzminski said...

Makes me wish I had a POD book for her to review. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe now Miss Snark will check in with her own (equally bleak?)statistics.
Queries received per day
Partials asked for per week
Full Ms. requested from partials per month
Agency contracts offered per year