Requerying? think again

Hi Miss Snark,

If I rewrote to change POV/tense shifts but the essential story (hence the query letter) didn't change, is requerying still OK? Do you really truly notremember queries you've received, or should I mention that I did the rewrite just to be on the safe side?

(I think the voice is stronger with the rewrite, which I completed after one agent expressed a dislike for present tense... so I'd like to requery some of my shortlisted agents. For all I know, "not right for me" meant the weaker voice and/or POV... right?)

What do you mean "still ok"?? I am NOT a big fan of requerying at all. No, it's not illegal. No it's not the dumbest thing in the world and there's some pretty stiff competiton for nitwittery status, but still...why??

If "not right for me" was only "I hate present tense" I probably would have said the latter, not the former. Don't get your hopes up here. You'd be better off with some serious rewriting before requerying.

However, if you're going to requery, and Miss Snark fears she can't talk you out of it, the first thing to do is REVAMP that cover letter. I don't remember much that slides past my eyeball when I'm wading around in the slush, but if something sounds familiar that is not ever a GOOD sign. You might think "oh yes, she remembers me, yay". I am thinking "oh this sounds like a something else I've seen recently, and I know I didn't ask for a partial, so..pass.. NEXT!".

At least get me to the revised pages by changing the cover letter or all you've done is enrich the post office and further contributed to the perpetual gloom of Mordant the Mail Carrier.

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Christa M. Miller said...

Thank you Miss Snark. You had said back in September that requeries were OK IF a rewrite had taken place, but I just wondered how extensive that rewrite needed to be as relates to my own situation.

By the way, I did check with that agent who said he didn't like present tense, and he did OK a requery TO HIM... wasn't sure how feasible it would be to requery others based on his feedback.

Thanks again.