Send Heat

Hey, Snarky (snarky??)

I have a collection of short stories which include graphic (though, I think, tasteful) descriptions of sexual situations. Frankly, I'm embarrassed to have written stuff like this, but I think it's good, and I think it's saleable. But to whom? Maybe there is no outlet for this.

Say hi to the dog. (KY elevates one eyebrow in return..no cookies? no escargot? no dice)


Six of the last 20 editors I talked to last week are looking for some form of "erotica". They all buy women's fiction as their main list builder but they're all looking for heat now. And I'm talking 1745 Broadway and 175 Fifth Avenue not PO Box Pawtucket neither.


December Quinn said...

If it's embarrassing, why are you writing it?

eliza said...

Wow, erotica is a huge market. But if it's so embarrassing, you might be better off sending it to Penthouse Forum and writing something else more "acceptable."

spunky pawtucket said...

Send it to me: I'll give it the once-over and let you know if you should be embarrassed or not.

If you should, I'll give you a good price.

Does it have pictures?


Anonymous said...

So, help me get this straight (as the bishop said to the actress): you want us to send you heat; you'd prefer us not to give you heat; and if we show up on your doorstep packing heat, the poodle with the pink tam will wrestle us to the ground.

How confusing is that?


Anonymous said...

Who are the publishers Miss Snark's refering to? Harlequin and Kensington have "erotica" lines now.


Carmen said...

"Does it have pictures?"


I think I'm writing in the wrong genre. Erotica would definitely require a pen name, however... I'd give Grandma more gray hair if she found out what I was writing. (Not that she doesn't r... well, nevermind.)

Rachel said...

If you search "erotica" in Publisher's Marketplace, you will see some of these new imprints, plus there have been a slew of articles recently about the rise in erotica, not just erotic romance. Though I must agree with the first commenter - it is 2006, after all, Susie Bright has been editing Best American Erotica since 2003, and, well, cleary there's a market for dirty stories, and not just paperbacks written by "anonymous." Yet almost every time there's a question about it here, the author seems totally freaked out...by their own material. What gives?

Extra Dry said...

Miss Snark is referring to Random House and Henry Holt, neither of which are in Pawtucket.

Miss Snark said...

175 fifth avenue is st. martins press. While Henry Holt is also housed there as part of Holtzbrinck, as far as I know they aren't buying erotica. I could be wrong, it's not something I'm scouting around for..but it was SMP I meant not Holt.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

St. Martin's is looking for erotica?! Gah - that's my targetted house.

~scurries to look at her manuscripts right fast~