Signing with an agent after two offers

Miss Snark:

My mind is too frazzled from writing my novel and trying to get an agent to create some witty comment about snarkiness. Forgive me for my snarkless salutation.

My question: I've received two offers for representation from highly regarded agents, both before they completed reading of the full manuscript. After a lot of snark-filled sleepless nights--and a couple of long telephone conversations with each agent--I've chosen one over the other.

First, have you ever offered representation before reading the entire ms.?
And second, now that personal communication was established, is it tacky to send an e-mail notifying the agent that I've gone with the other agency? I appreciate the time that was taken in reading my ms. and the feedback I was given, and I don't want to offend.

Snarkfully grateful . .

Well, no I don't offer a contract before I read the entire ms, but I'm not much of a hands on, we can fix whatever's wrong kind of an agent. I like things that are ready to send out into the world before I put my paws on them. That's just me though, and other good agents work differently.

Second, tacky, hell, you MUST email this other agent and the sooner the better. Thank them for their time, say you've signed with so and so, and resist mightily the temptation to say "not quite right for my needs". You don't need to offer a reason either. Just the facts are enough.


rkcooke said...

Rare though it is, I think you misunderstood the question, Miss Snark. I believe the issue is email versus phone--given that the author has had a long phone conversation w/ the soon-to-be-rejected-one, is it tacky to email rather than call to let the loser know?

Miss Snark said...

oh! Ok. If that was the question,I did miss it. Yes it's ok to let the other agent know by email rather than phone. In fact, better.

McKoala said...

Congratulations too!