True Crime Memoir

Miss Snark,

Would a sort of true-crime memoir need a full proposal such as would be included in a true-crime book (market, competition, bio, promotion, sample chapters, etc) or just the cover letter plus sample page submission required for a novel or memoir?

Normally, I would think cover letter plus sample pages for a memoir, but because this man's memoir has such a true-crime feel to it (he has court documents and police reports), I'm not sure. I ask because this gentleman wants me to write his proposal, but I don't want to waste his time and money if agents are going to want to see the whole manuscript instead.

I can sell true crime a whole lot faster and with less fuss than I can memoir these days. I don't even use the word memoir right now.

The last true crime I sold was pitched with a proposal but they wanted to see the whole book before coughing up the dough. It took me long enough to sell the thing that it was ok, cause while I was shopping the proposal the author was finishing the book so it was ready to go when I finally hooked an editor.

Bottom line: you'll need a proposal AND a full manuscript, proposal first.


Anonymous said...

So... is there any money in this true crime memoir lark, anyhows?

I mean, I ain`t done nuffin, like - honest - but yunno, maybe I knows someone who has, like...

Anonymous said...

Fingers! Stay where you are. The game's up. We knew you'd show up here eventually; you thought you were so clever, but your prints were all over that Strunk and White. All we had to do was deconstruct a couple of metaphors and wait.

Don't be silly lad... Step away from the poodle...