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Dear Ms Snark,

I have an agent in the UK. I originally intended to return there after a few years in California but that's not going to happen. I like and respect my agent, she's been around a while and took me on when I was fairly new at this writing lark.

In the last year I've sold to Ellora's Cave and Virgin 'Cheek'. But as erotic romance is all the thing now and agents are selling many authors to new print lines, I fear I might miss the boat. I'm not sure if she has the pzazz of a New York agent or the relationships to act on this interest. I know she is subbing my work to the U.S. publishers but I think she's happy to wait and see what happens rather than really pitch.

Am I being ungrateful? Do I really need a pushy New York type of agent to get on (and let's be honest, there's no guarantee that I'll find one) or should I stick with what I know?

You might consider approaching your UK agent about co-agenting with someone based in NYC. There's a lot to be said for a US based agent pitching NY editors. Yes, UK agents do sell here, and it's entirely possible a NY agent will not have any more success than she does.

However, there's a lot to be said for being here. First, it's a lot easier to phone, and no matter what anyone says, phone calls matter. Yes, email is great. Yes we mostly email. But when push comes to shove, I'm on the phone. Yes you can phone from the UK but let's face it...it's not the same.

A co-agent gives you all that AND you retain your UK agent too. Give it a whirl. Ask, see what happens. Let me know.


Greta LaGarbeaux said...

What's up with this romantic/erotica bidniz I keep hearing about? And what about erotic sci-fi? Are these indeed a booming genres in which a prolific and imaginative (and speedy!) writer can find gainful work?

Or is it more hype and online amateurs and POD pipe dreams?

Which is to say: Is anybody actually *paying* for this stuff? If so, Miss LaGarbeaux has visions of dirty dollars dancing in her head!

P.S. Does "qjlpxcs" sound like a naughty word from outer space? If so, Miss Snark's word verification is a *goldmine.*

Maya Reynolds said...

Before you start trying to write in the genre, be sure you can define it.

There are distinct differences between erotic romance, erotica and pornography. Each has its own target audience.

For a great article on the subject, go to http://www.jeannelaws.com/articles.htm and check the article called "Defining Erotic Romance."

Jeanne is a good friend and a fellow member of Passionate Ink, the RWA chapter for erotic romance.

Anonymous said...

I know some UK-based authors who signed up with US (not UK)-based agents and sold. So, I'd say having a US-based agent is a plus.

Unknown said...

Ellora's Cave publish erotic romance and have been doing so for about 5 years. They offer downloads in a variety of formats and print books which you can get in Borders etc.
I would consider any company that sells approx 30,000 downloads a month pretty successful wouldn't you?
In the last year or so, many of the big NY publishers have decided to jump on this bandwagon because of the success of online publishers like EC
So if you know how to write it-go for it!