Why Are You Asking Miss Snark?

Several people have wondered aloud in the comments column about why anyone with an agent would ask Miss Snark about stuff. The unspoken thought is "surely you should ask your own agent about that", and in fact that is what Miss Snark advises sometimes.


Even if you have an agent asking questions here not being a nitwit by default. For starters, the stakes are lower. It's very hard to discuss "should I fire my agent?" with your agent, much less "is my agent a a nincompoop?"

And even for those minor questions, it's easier to ask someone who has no stake in the outcome or in the relationship. And a lot of times, it's good to see the answer you knew was right, but just needed to hear someone say it.

And it's also of benefit to a lot of other people. You ask your agent, and you'll know. You ask here, and one or two other people with the same question will see the answer too. It's very efficient...Miss Snark is very fond of efficiency.

Writing to Miss Snark is a bit like a study group in grad school. Yes there's a professor out there (your agent) but you ask a lot of questions in study group that you'd never ask in class or in an appointment with the prof. (When was the war of 1812? Who's buried in Grant's Tomb? Is a pink tam too frivolous for an editorial lunch?)

So, Ask Away. Just remember to put them in an email to Miss Snark, questions in the comment column don't get read often or fast.


Jessica Simpson said...

(When was the war of 1812? Who's buried in Grant's Tomb? Is a pink tam too frivolous for an editorial lunch?)

well? I'm waiting...

ilona said...

I like asking questions here because the relationship I have with my agent is a business relationship, and being a nitwit with my agent may have serious consequences on my writing career. Being a nitwit with Miss Snark just opens me to public ridicule and a possible smack with a rolled-up newspaper, accompanied by a "Duuh!"

It costs me nothing. It doesn't hurt me in any way.

It's a skip-nitwit-jail-collect-200-in-informed-view-points card.

And a pink tam is never too frivolous.

Bill E. Goat said...

Wait no more!

The War of 1812 was the American version of the Napoleonic wars, but, well, it started in 1812 and ended in 1814.

There were at least 175 Goats who deserved pensions as War of 1812 soldiers. Species specific pensions are just wrong! And some of these were my ancestors! It's just baaaaad that we haven't gotten recognition for our service. You realize even the president fled Washington, D. C. when the British approached, but my ancestor Cyrus I. Goat stood guard on the White House lawn. This deserved some recognition!

One would presume that Grant is buried in Grant's tomb, but there is solid evidence that he didn't really die and that another rests in Grant's tomb. The real U. S. Grant lived out his life as a peripatetic holy man in the Indus Valley. He died at Benares in 1957. His best friend S. Hemlock, a pseudonym if I ever saw one, kept bees in Devonshire until boredom led him into the Great Game in India.

Pink Tams are simply elegant, but for a totally awesome effect, try a Pink Resistol with an elaborate feather hatband.

I wish to thank the Goat Breeders association and my mistress, Rachael-the-rightful-queen-of-Scotland, for allowing me to participate today.

Hi, Yap! You decide about that trip to France?

Anonymous said...

Abso-frigging-lutely! When you have questions like, "Am I about to be a nitwit?" your agent may not be the one you want to ask.

When your question is, "Is my AGENT a nitwit?" your agent is definitely not the one you want to ask.

I think the service Miss Snark provides is as valuable to the agented as the unagented. Maybe even more so. It's like having a friend on The Other Side--and a friend who isn't afraid to tell you the truth.

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark has provided enough information about what to expect from a good functioning agent for me to conclude that my agent is either a nitwit or dead.

Anonymous said...

The other useful part of asking questions anonymously online is that it can help reduce anxiety about discussing the problem in real life. You have a chance to rehearse the problem and get a bit of feedback when you're not under stress.

...depends who's wearing the tam...