Bat Segundo straddled the brightly painted terrapin on the carousel. His target Lolita Snark, oblivious to being tailed, laughed heartily at something her companion whispered. The two of them were kicking up their well-heeled feet on the pink promenading poodles in front of Bat. He would be glad to get off the mind-bending carousel. The roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd confused his senses. Bat sighed as the carousel came to a screeching halt. His quarry stepped off the ride. He stood and grimaced. The bunion on his left big toe ached. He was sure it would burst if he wasn't careful.

Fortunately, his target and her friend were not in any rush and had made their way to the cotton candy kiosk. He got in line behind them and heard Lolita tell her friend the punch line to the joke he hadn't heard: Drop and give me ten... books! The friend laughed as if that was the funniest thing she'd heard in years. Bat didn't get it, but that didn't matter. Getting his target mattered, not getting her jokes. After they paid for their pink cotton candy, they turned away from Bat. He hurried after them and heard Lolita's companion finish a joke of her own by saying, "Your mother wears Army boots!" Lolita's deep laugh told Bat that she had gotten the joke. Good for her, Bat thought, my mother wore Army boots, too.

The pair of women locked arms and moved to the front of the next ride, Will of the Wisp. Bat was neither eager nor hesitant to get on. As the line grew shorter, Bat realized he'd made a mistake. The Galleycat, the next boat in line, seated six. Bat would have to ride with Lolita. What a muddle! He thought about aborting the plan, but he had to get his target. He could let the next two people behind him go ahead, but then he might lose Lolita. His decision was made for him as the line pushed forward, and Bat was seated right next to the woman herself. It was then he knew this would be his only shot.

The boat lurched forward. Lolita and her friend laughed as the first spray of water hit them all. Bat had been on the ride before and remembered there was a perfect spot to make his hit. With as little fanfare as possible, Bat pulled the weapon out of his pocket and waited. The Galleycat wound its way around a bend and the clanking of a skeleton's bell echoed off the water. Lolita grabbed Bat's knee as the boat took a fast turn. Bat feigned surprise and patted her on the back, leaving his mark on her back.

Bat smiled as the Galleycat's ride ended. He let Lolita Snark and her companion leave. He watched them walk away and admired his handiwork: "Tag You're It!"

Miss Snark was getting a tad nervous there thinking she was about ready to the be corpse in the story!

Score to come!

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Anonymous said...

Well, great...now Miss Snark probably believes I'm a stalker...but I would NEVER think of harming the one blog-master I actually read!!

I PROMISE, I was just having a bit of fun--and given that I'm knee-deep in a new mystery novel outline, I hope you take it that way...of course, if you still have concerns, join my husband who has been making me taste everything I cook before he does since November when I finished my very first novel that had poisons in it... :)

Many thanks for the great contest/assignment. It gave this stay-at-home mom a chance to get back on the keyboard.