La La La La La La La!!

Lah lah lah lah lah lah lah

La alalalalalalala

The choir of heavenly voices of the literary angel-agents wove its way along the will o' the wisp to the great Snark above, the Galleycat of all who hope and dream and scheme to muddle along"

"Cherubim and Seraphim, Terrapin and Bunion

Which were and will be

Ever words to work with"

AHHHHHmennnnn""and women, too"."

Head Galleycat Snark shot the glare of doom around the assembled snarklings.

"NITWITS!" she shrieked. She rolled her eyes to KY, strutting proudly in his pick tam among the defeated.

"Drop everything and give me ten ...books" she bellowed "Snarkling wanna-bees and just plain Nitta Wittas surrounded her, like a passel of promenading poodles. Some actually dropped and toss her books. Some tossed their cookies.

One timid but prolific snarkling reaches into the depths of her soul, gathering the strength of her muse and projects above the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd:

"Oh Great One! I hold in my repertoire of tired colloquialisms and over-used and much abused phrases"the one and the only key to Mr Clooney's room!! Stand Back!! Make Way!! Bat Segundo!!"

The Great Snark looks over her cheaters and blinks, several times "The choir of angel-agents halted their anthem, and silence descended upon the world.

She clears her throat. Clearly, this is a struggle "Does she ignore the key to Paradise? Or does she accept the key to Mr. Clooney's room, publicly acknowledging this snark-wannabee has what she wants and DOES NOT HAVE??????

ARRGGHHH!! Snark reaches out and snatches the key from the snarkling's grip. The snarkling smirks, prematurely overconfident in her progress.

She turns away, only to be booted into the Gin Pail by the stiletto of Snark .

"Hah!" growls Snark. "And your mother wears Army boots!" And the Great Galleycat, the Snark of all Snarkolicious, brushes the non-existent dust from her stilettos as she sips from the pail o' Gin with her trusted ally.

The anthem continues".la la la la la la la"..

Yanno (tm) when Miss Snark imagines going to Her Reward in the Sky..this isn't quite what she thinks of. Isn't one lifetime of being an agent enough? How long must Miss Snark suffer??

Scoring to come.

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Anonymous said...

Is it over-simplifying to say that the entire literate world could be divided up into Snarklings or Nitta Wittas? (Love that expression!) I think not!

So, Bat Segundo, which are you?