"What a muddle," thought the author, staring dejectedly at his latest manuscript, 'The Will of
the Wisp has a Bunion'.

His only companion, a large ginger cat named Galleycat, only yawned widely, as if the whole
thing bored him. It probably did.

"The only hope I have," he said aloud, "is to put this piece of rubbish on fanfiction.net, and it
will eventually led to a snark or two in my reviews. Better than nothing, I guess."

He pondered a glass turtle sitting on his desk. "Maybe...maybe if I give the terrapin a bunion
instead, the story can be saved!" So thinking, he turned back to his computer.

well, there's a lot to be said for briefs.

Scoring to come later


McKoala said...

More of this one would have been great!

Self-appointed scorekeeper said...

Oh no! An instant throwaway of 60 points.

JLB said...

Bravo for brevity. I think this story could be saved... perhaps by a mother wearing army boots?

Anonymous said...

Tentative score: 18, plus five for funny. Dear soul! Thank you for your brevity!