This is the library: SCPL. I walk the mean stacks, bunion pain sometimes slowing me down to the speed of a yellow-bellied terrapin while my black orthopedic shoes incite 'Your mother wears Army boots' sneers from the mutts who muddle the aisles. Hell. They could be a plethora of promenading poodles for all I care: I carry a Nancy Pearl action figurine with automatic Shushing action. I am a librarian.

It was Tuesday. Double fine day for anyone I caught typing in will of the wisp in the comic database. I say if the little buggers don't know there's no friggin "f" in the super villain's name, then they should pay. And while they're at it, they can just drop everything and give me ten ... books. Better for them than comics any way.

My partner, George Clooney, was working the desk while I patrolled the stacks.

"Did ya catch the Bat Segundo podcast yesterday?" he asked as I slipped behind him and into something comfortable, an expensive Aeron chair the librarian union forced Library Director Miss Snark to cough up.

"No George. You know my tastes run more to blogs, like galleycat. Now there's some literary beef."

Our killer yapping was cut short by a nitwit wanting help. Did he think this was some kind of public service desk or something?

George got to him first.

"I'm looking for .. what a man‚" he said to George. I thought, yeah buddy, well you've found him.

George was puzzled. The nitwit continued. "The song. From the soundtrack roar of the greasepaint, smell of the crowd."

"Ahh" George said. "I think we've got that." While George tracked down the old CD I rousted myself out of the chair and shuffled back to the stacks, Nancy Pearl action figure in my hands. These were mean stacks, and a gal needed all the muscle she could get. Having George Clooney watch her back didn't hurt any either.

I want one of those Nancy Perl action figures! I do! I do!
I love the Seattle library...ok, I haven't actually SEEN it in real life but yanno (tm)
I've seen pictures!

Scoring to come.


Jade L Blackwater said...

This story was lots of fun! I love the progression and the voice, and all the Dragnet-esque qualities!

Lisa Cohen said...

Yup-the voice in this one was clever. Enjoyed.