Ah, those will-of-the-wisp days of Broadway, when we used to go to see shows like "Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd" with Anthony Newley. We were on our way to a matinee one Wednesday afternoon, and the promenading poodles were out for a stroll with the women limping with bunions and the men with terrapins on leashes, strolling practically side by side with the poodles. You have to realize, these were the nostalgic days before galleycats and Miss Snark, and Broadway was a muddle of crazy people yelling things like, "Your mother wears Army boots!"

We saw this guy dressed up in a Bat Segundo costume. It turns out he was a scalper in front of the theatre, selling tickets for outrageous prices. I went over to him (I was only five) and said "Drop everything and give me ten...books." I thought he was selling Dr. Seuss, my favorite - but my mother whisked me away, just in time for the show to start.

My childhood was filled with scenes like that; but I always wonder if I remember them accurately.

Miss Snark wonders as well.

Scoring to come.

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JLB said...

What, no heffalumps? :)