Bat Segundo is Suing Miss Snark for Six Figures

Small wonder given the incredible things that have been said about poor ol Bat in the last week!

He's joined the circus (108) been banned on 17 worlds (4) is a bunion remedy (1), a cabana boy supremo (47) a circus clown (94) a crime fighter (15) a dog (40) a drill team (50), head of the English Department (13), a hostile mammal who eats cats (45) literary boot camp sergeant (21), soup ingredients --twice! (80, 95), teen heart throb (99), trapeze artist --also twice! (9, 84), a walking stick (90), a tagger (109) and ..most actionable..a cage fighter (29).

Of all these (and there are many other very clever entries as well) the Prize for Most Horrifying Use of Bat Segundo's Good Name is Awarded to:

#54 for Spawn of Snark

Normally of course a large cash prize comes with the award, but Miss Snark is saving up to bribe the judge and jury.

1 comment:

McKoala said...

See, poor iggorent folks like us aussies (well me) just didn't realise that bat was for real like. So no 'fence intended, big respect to the bat, loved his show.

Great publicity for him.