Bat Segundo survives the soup!

The latest installment of The Bat Segundo Show, a literary podcast featuring interviews with today's contemporary writers, is now up.

This week, our Young, Roving Correspondent talks with Erica Jong, while Mr. Segundo reveals the winner of the Fish Philosophical Contest and reads many of the entries that were sent in.

Show #30 runs 48 minutes and 8 seconds long and features Erica Jong, author of Seducing the Demon.

The main Segundo site can be found here:

Here are the details for this week's show.

Author: Erica Jong

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Taking care of fish-related housekeeping.

Winner of Philosophical Contest: John Barlow

Subjects Discussed: Maintaining a conversational and confessional tone, finding a voice, being known for Isadora Wing vs. poetry, Pablo Neruda, the current status of poetry, on sleeping with Martha Stewart’s husband, personal mistakes, why Jong wrote about Andy Stewart, sexism in the publishing industry, Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code, Opus Dei, reader misconceptions of Fear of Flying, the chick lit ghetto, Jennifer Weiner, Molly Jong-Fast, on the lack of serious reviews of women’s fiction, the 1970s publishing environment vs. the 2000s publishing environment, the gender gap in literary fiction and the Canadian loophole, Mary Gaitskill, Brokeback Mountain, Annie Proulx, Kelly Link, American vs. international reputation, literary trends over the years, writing Toni Morrison her first fan letter, and Erica Jong the closet linguist.

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Sam said...

Loved the interview with Ms. Jong - thought it was very interesting (especially her views on chic lit - I can't help agree with her mostly.) Will keep an eye out for her new book. Am I the only one who really liked her first one? We passed it around in school. I wonder what girls are passing around now, under their desks? LOL

Anonymous said...

OOh, Erica Jong... I love her work. Why doesn't anyone ever mention "How to Save Your Own Life" when they discuss her books? And you don't have to have an IPod? Great, I'm going to try to catch this interview, clueless and tech-challenged as I am.

dink said...

Wow! That was my first experience with Bat --I'm speechless.

That reference to Miss Snark's attorney was hysterical!

The interview was fascinating.

Thanks for sharing this Miss S.

I think I may become a Bat Segundo regular (or would that be irregular?).

Inkwolf said...

Non-binding arbitration, eh?

He's a funny guy...I may have to go back and listen to his older shows...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up Miss Snark. Listened to the interview by Erica Jong and thought it was wonderful. Have downloaded Jennifer Weiner and Laila Lalami to listen to on my Ishuffle. This is my first foray into podcasts and I think I might hunt down some more. It's a entertaining medium.