Bat Segundo...never far from our thoughts

The latest installment of The Bat Segundo Show, a literary podcast featuring interviews with today's contemporary writers, is now up.

Show #29 runs 44 minutes and 36 seconds long and features Jay McInerney, author of The Good Life.

The main Segundo site can be found here

Here are the details for this week's show.

[AUDIO NOTE: At one point, the conversation was interrupted by a vacuum. It only appears for about a minute and we’ve filtered most of it out. But just so you know.]

I knew it! Once word of that bisexual vacuum cleaner got out the press would be all over it...so to speak.

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Furious and defensive, defending himself against the acrimonious charges from Miss Snark

uh oh.


Anonymous said...

Bat Segundo's show opener is hilarious. He must have read all 112 contest entries.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Light dawns. I did Google BS before I wrote my entry. I believe the phrase that recurred was along the lines of 'blacklisted alcoholic DJ'.

Anyone reading this is probably wondering what rock I live under, to maintain such ignorance. Sorry, Bat, but your fame just doesn't reach to Smalltown, Australia.

McKoala said...

I had never, ever heard of Bat Segundo. I thought that it was just a creation of Miss Snark's imagination to make the task more challenging.

#16 said...

Hey, do some of those extra points go for getting a mention in Bat Segundo's opening monologue? Hehe.