Be Miss Snark....the email contributions!

Dear Ms. Roth,

I apologize for not answering you sooner. Your query appears to have been lost in the mail for more than 15 years! Despite this, I wanted to offer my belated congratulations on the adaptation of "Rainbow Dust" into a movie. "Ghost" was a tremendous success at the box-office. I applaud your decision to change Zeke's character from a "spectral mentor" to a banker seeking revenge. Good choice.


And finally someone notices, there is NO PLOT!!!

You don't really talk about what *happens* in your novel.I was particularly struck by the fact that you describe your audience's reaction to readings of your prose, when your prose it*not* what gets translated to the big screen in a movie adaption -- itis the plot of your story. My advice would be to focus on what happens in your story. When doing this, I would advice that you try to put yourself into the mind of the agent reading your query, and ask yourself: Reading just what is on the page, do I get a feeling for what is happening in the story, and what is fascinating about it?


ril said...

There was a plot, just someone lost it...

Sam said...

And here I was looking for conflict, lol.