Contest PS

Yes there is a prize.

There are some pretty funny entries in my email box already!
Don't delay!
only 14 hours remain!


TallyCola said...

Oh man. I think I found out about this a few hours too late!

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

No, you didn't.

I spent fifteen minutes on my entry. The quality is low, the editing poor, the spelling is probably off, and I notice I omitted a word. But I had a ball writing it. Just have fun. Forget stressing!

theinadvertentauthor said...

Great Contest!

JLB said...

This was loads of fun Miss Snark, thanks! I can't wait to read what the others have written!

Kathy said...

Great interview on www.writingplayground.com, Miss Snark! I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading your responses to this contest.


Miss Snark said...

oh my dog, make it stop, make it stop. We're at 70+ with three hours to go.
I may weep.
I swear I thought I'd get maybe 10 answers....in fact I was ready to delete the post this morning cause I thought no one would do it.

hoist by my own nitwittery!!!

Lady M said...


A PRIZE???????

And I thought it was just a blast making the entry - now there's a prize attached? Woooooooo baaaaby!

Again - much good luck to everyone!

Lady M

M. G. Tarquini said...

Next time, you'll make the window for submission shorter and you'll limit the word count to 300.

Poor Miss Snark.

Have a gin.

Have two.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you there, Sha'el!

Mikosama said...

As if any of us could resist the temptation to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of Snark.

Anonymous said...


Evan said...

The interview on Writing Play Ground was great!

Thank you for that.

Can't you start posting early? LOL. PLEASE?


Elektra said...

Send some of the stuff over to the Crapometer---we're low on material

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark,

Take a deep breath, and play Ben Webster's "Don't Take Your Love From Me". Or any track from Soulville. The gin pail pales...

Nikki Stallworth said...

Well shucks. I missed this.

Cool interview though at that website. You're the cat's meow, ya know. Or maybe Killer Yapp wouldn't like that. *grin*

harridan said...

Excellent interview!

Sigh. I believe our dear Miss Snark is now buried under our submissions.

At last count, she had 70+ with three hours to go. Doing the math, she already had a novella to deal with.

I hope she had lots of gin on hand.