Do you love me? no, really, do you?

Miss Snark--

You've explained how important is an agent's enthusiasm for a project. Other than what she says, how can a writer gauge an agent's enthusiasm? For example, do you respond more quickly to full ms's about which you're more enthusiastic? If Agent A takes 3.5 weeks to offer me a contract and Agent B takes 12 weeks, it seems logical to presume--the agents' status being equal--that Agent A is more enthusiastic about my work.

no. It could mean that A can run her own contract offers and B has to get approval. It can mean that B ran out of ink or is getting her contract updated, or she's busy swilling gin with Miss Snark.

It's impossible to give you any sort of concrete index by which to measure enthusiasm. It's like trying to measure love. You can tell which projects have captured my enthusiasm because they are the ones I yap about most to colleagues and friends. They tend to be the ones that generate the most email babble back and forth to authors. Of course, there's no way you can know that cause all you see is the email I send. You have no way to know if it's more/less than anyone else.

I do suggest though, that like love, you can sense when the thrill is gone. You have to be careful not to become an insane psycho clingy love monkey ("do you love me..do you really love me?? Prove it!!") but pay attention to your antenna which are pretty good barometers of love, and enthusiasm.


I. Myte said...

Dear Miss Snark and Snarklings,
When I wandered into this site the other day, literally wandered in, I was still familiarizing myself with all the buttons on my page. I'd just established my own page, and honestly, didn't know what the f*** I was doing.
At first, benighted glance, I seemed to have walked into some sort of verbal rumble. Letting the Latin and the feral in me get the upper hand, I sort of, um, joined in. And to think I've generally taken the advice, offered to me early in life, to avoid brawls.
Anyhow, in a probably futile attempt at concision (is that a word?), let me say, "My bad."
I've since read through this site with pleasure and admiration.
Sorry if I leaped on the comment about being like Bobby Knight. That was probably as much my disappointment in what he's become rather than what he used to seem to be. I.E. I think his attitude and behavior overshadow his accomplishments.
What I'm trying to spit out here is that Miss Snark's blog is actually in the mold of Bobby Knight at his best, solid, no-nonsense teaching.
Yes, I'm incredibly new to blogging. I'm in the midst of tinkering and playing with web site design and blogging to see how I can use it to promote my work.
And, damn. I set up my page, then start hitting that 'next blog' button up in the right-hand corner. And what do I get?
The second blog that comes up is Miss Snark's. I've got to say it seems like a wonderful bit of serendipity.
This site is well done, very useful, and, how nice to see on the Internet, delightful reading.
Complimenti a tutti. Compliments to all. I look forward to much pleasure and even some learning. Yes, some light may finally start to seep into this 'testa dura' hard head of mine.

Writers' Block said...


I just want to endorse the term 'concision.' If we can have 'precise->precision,' and 'excise->excision,' then we can have 'concise->concision.' And so on.