Gay Talese: A Writer's Life

Read it.
Don't put it off.
Don't put it on your TBR stack.
Read it NOW.

There will be a quiz.


I.J.Parker said...

Hmm! Sounds very self-congratulatory. I suppose all memoirs are.

Greta LaGarbeaux said...

Sigh. Miss Snark, you super-sophisticated insider. You love your Snarklings so much you forget that most of us are not necessarily on the advance galley mailing list at Knopf. We can only pre-order, and suffer the trembling, sweet agony of anticipation until the day it can be ours, truly ours in one, mad frenzy of wqnfkvbo.

Huh. I guess my word verification writing exercise program may have some gliltches.

Sherry Decker said...

Don't have time - I'm writing a book, and when I'm not writing I'm pulling down wallpaper and painting walls.

Miss Audrey said...

I'm not exactly living the life of Riley, but I wouldn't mind living 'A Writer's Life.' I pre-ordered the book. I'll be watching for the test.

Anonymous said...

Golly, the NYTimes article makes him seem quite a tortured soul! Fourteen years between books, writing inspirational notes to himself, scapping a few years' work and starting over.. tortured artiste!

It's great he's married to powerful agent Nan, and has the luxury of taking decades between books!
Oh, the sorrow! The pity! The bespoke suits! The handmade shoes from Lobb's! The upkeep of the townhouse!

Miss Snark said...

Nan Talese is a publisher not an agent. I didn't read the Times article. The book doesn't have a shred of pretension or angst.

S. W. Vaughn said...

I heart Gay Talese.

Have read many of his books, and will be looking forward to this one as well. For anyone who needs to read a book on a writer's life while waiting for this one, you might try Ray Bradbury's 'Zen and the Art of Writing.'

Thanks for the heads-up, Miss Snark!

Julia said...

Of course I'm going to order this!

Talese is from my hometown, which made me feel like I knew him (even thought I didn't).