Hang on a second, ok, that's my agent waiting line ringing

Miss Snark,

I have an agent question for you (surprise, surprise!)

I have been offered representation by an agent, but other agents are interested and I have notified them so I can chat to all before making my final decision.

What's the polite length of time I can take to do this? I don't want to leave the first agent hanging too long but I really want to speak to them all and make an informed decision.
I haven't heard back from the other agents yet after an email and I'm not sure how long to give them.

Any advice appreciated.

I waited two months for someone to finally tell me she signed with someone else. I was a trifle annoyed cause if I wasn't getting her, I would have an open place on my list ...and that backs up the process for everyone else. I have to have something to sell, so every day that I'm standing around with my thumb up my ascot waiting for you is a day I'm not doing something to make money.

That said, I would have signed her after the two months cause she was a darn good writer and I was mad as hell to lose her to Agent Elpheba.

So, get your skates on and stay on top of this. When someone emails me that they've gotten an offer I do try to let them know if I want in on the dogpile.

This is as close to a waffley answer as I've ever given, but there is no right/wrong here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss Snark.

I was thinking more along the lines of a week or just over max for the first agent to wait.

2 months? Oh boy.