Magazine submissions

A question for the lovely Miss Snark:

What are your thoughts about magazine submissions? I have been told by some that agents do not handle magazine sales, and I have been told by others that agents most certainly do handle magazine sales.
Who is right? Some, or others?

Bottomless pails of gin to you for your excellent advice, and packs of Rottweilers for Killer Yap to intimidate,

Clueless in Montana

Well, everyone is right. Some do, some don't, and a lot of it is timing. I, for example, do not normally handle any magazine submissions. However, I just sold a wonderful gem of a book that screams first serial rights, and the book won't be published till 2008. I will be getting all sorts of things out to magazines for first serial consideration for this little book because it will help the sale of the book AND it will make some early money for my author while we wait to earn out the advance.

Normally I suggest my authors do magazines submissions because most of them pay in copies rather than actual filthy lucre, and Miss Snark is fond of filth....um...that might not quite be the right way to say that.

I know other agents do send to magazines cause every time I talk to magazine editors they tell me they know which envelope to open first based on color. I guess some of the posh agencies have a color scheme. Miss Snark and Killer Yapp are of course fond of poodle-white. Address labels in the shape of a pink tam of course.


Sherry Decker said...

Miss Snark said, "Normally I suggest my authors do magazines submissions because most of them pay in copies..."

Uncertain what you mean. I have sold over thirty short stories, several to professional magazines (as opposed to small press publications) and the pay is nice! Magazines like Zoetrope, the New Yorker and Glimmer Train pay luscious amounts. Mags like Hitchcock's pays well too.

Anonymous said...

ahem. Mature confident slightly wicked and occasionally wanton (lady) rottweilers have no interest in intimidating or being intimidated by suave metrosexuals!

(We are of course quite amendable to the seductive powers of the continental city fella like Mr. Yapp; that witty badinage, those classy table manners... ooo-la-la!)

Regards to Miss Snark, and wink-wink nod-nod to Killer-boy,
The Rott(on) Sisters
Blanche Dog-bois &
Holly Davidson