Miss Snark Eyes the Bottom Line

The Media Bistro newsfeed provides Miss Snark with a GREAT fundraising idea:

Jared Paul Stern, a freelance gossip columnist, is under investigation by the FBI for an extortion attempt involving billionaire Ron Burkle. Stern allegedly demanded $100,000 from Burkle, plus a regular stipend of $10,000, to not write any damaging stories about the supermarket magnate.

NYP: Sources close to the investigation say the FBI has been investigating for two weeks and has Stern on video and audiotapes.

NYDN: On Monday, Stern emailed instructions to a designated Burkle employee for a $100,000 down payment to be wired to his New York City bank account, and during the week sent more emails wondering where his money was.

FBNY: Burkle rumored to be one of the possible investors for Radar's third launch.

NYT: "Should the allegations prove true," Post EIC Col Allan said, "Mr. Stern's conduct would be morally and journalistically reprehensible, a gross abuse of privilege, and in violation of the New York Post's standards and ethics."

No kidding.

Now, if only I'd emailed Bat Segundo BEFORE the contest for a little hush money!!
A day late, and truly a dollar short.
Miss Snark retires to her counting house to dream up new schemes.

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