Word Count Disqualifications

Well, it's true, I missed some.

In answer to "how did you do this" the answer is clearly "late at night or early in the morning" when I clearly was not too chipper. (actually Miss Snark is never chipper...more like she was more snarly than usual).

If you run a word count on an entry and it's over 500, and there's nothing that says disqualified in red at the bottom of the entry, let me know and I'll run the count again.

The One Great Scorer is still silent but there is rumbling in the west. Either Killer Yapp needs a quick walk or OGS is on the move.


#68 said...

There should be a contest among the disqualified. Give the winner a Yapp-ulator, or a Killer Abacus.

The whole contest was too much fun to worry about being disqualified. I'm just glad I did it.
Thank you Miss Snark, Killer Yapp, and the OGS!

Anonymous said...

Yes! The best of the disqualified. I love it.


Anonymous said...

I agree about it being too much fun, but the whole point of giving a cap is to prevent something really lengthy appearing. *But* as none of the entries that exceeded the word count egregiously, maybe they should just be docked a few points instead. That way, something really good won't be disqualified. (Just so you know, I was well below the word count in my submission--#30, so I'm advocating for the ones who are over).

So, Miss Snark, I'd like to suggest that if you ever lose you mind again and have such a contest, you make the limit 100 words. That's really tough to do. But then your list might have to be a tad shorter too.

Emjay said...

The contest was fun!

It kept me out of the poolroom for a couple of hours.

I just wish Miss Snark were not so dang tough. Okay, I missed one lousy phrase, but where's the pity?

Where's the tolerance?

Not in Snarksville,I guess.

Termagant 2 said...

Limerick contest, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Ooh, Limericks!

A lit agent from the Big App
Had felt that her life had a gap.
She went off her noodle
And purchased a poodle
And named her new pup Killer Yapp

Lady M said...

Limerick's oohhhh

There once was a young Miss Snark
Who decided to go out on a lark
A contest she said
Then went off her head
When the entries could fill up the park.

Bernita said...

First paragraphs or openings not to exceed 100 words??
Huh? Huh?

KillerYapp said...

Miss Snark did not "purchase" me. She auditioned for her position as Poodle Accompanist; she was one of MANY people whom I considered.

BuffySquirrel said...

There once was a poodle named Yapp
Thought he lived in a place called Big App
When told it was Apple
He said "I'll not snapple,
But begone--it's time for my nap!"

Lizzy said...

There once was a Snark from nantucket
she kept her best gin in a bucket. . .