Yes, this IS a hot suggestion

Dear Miss Snark,

I have a, probably nit-wittish, suggestion.

Given some of the, albeit minority, feedback recently, I'd like to propose that you nominate, say, May 1st as Hearts and Flowers (Be Nice to Nitwits) Day. After all, May Day celebrations have their origins in the Roman festival of Flora, goddess of fruit and flowers.

You could show up in your Bunny Slippers rather than the usual stilettoes, and adorn the blog with kittens and puppies. You could, regardless of the apparent depths of nit-wittery, you could reply to each question you choose to post with a most mellifluous (there's a word that is getting a lot of mileage recently) and helpful reply. Call out no nit-wits, but stand as a good samaritan to all of us aspiring writers who have strayed from the path of research and common sense. You could choose not to approve any comments that are not equally redolent of sugar, spice and all things nice. Perhaps award virtual hugs for the "best" questions.

It might be quite entertaining. (Or I might be quite foolish...)

I am one who has learned much from your blog, appreciate your mix of advice and fun, and also recognise the difference between meanness and "snark".

Keep up the good fight, and thanks for what you do!

Yours Sincerely,
An Entertained and Educated Snarkling.

Miss Snark could also set her hair on fire.


ril said...

As entertaining as the incendiary Miss Snark sounds... Kittens are cute.

Can we give them little balls of wool to play with?

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

"Miss Snark could also set her hair on fire."

Yikes, someone else who elicits that response from her...

truthteller said...

I think this would be a good opportunity to honor those of us who have been "Nitwit of the Day".

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Yup, no question about it, this is a "nit-wittish" suggestion.

Daisy Bateman said...

I think you should compromise and set a nitwit on fire. But, you know, nicely.