Yes, Your agent is talking about you

Dear Miss Snark,

here's a question that you may not think qualifies me as nitwit of the day but I'm too ashamed to ask my own agent.

When you meet with an editor, presumably over pails of gin, to discuss your clients' work, do you just talk about the work at hand or do you try to pitch the whole package? Do you say: "Oh, my client Snarky Snarkunderling is not only an excellent writer, but she is also soooo easy to work with, lavishes me with gifts and I know she will be fairly prolific. We will all win if you sign her on this magnificent book and seven others." or do you just say: "It's a good book, buy it now" and then return to your gin.

If you do pitch the whole package, what kinds of things really matter to you and editors?

yours truly
Snarky Snarkunderling

p.s. when you do go out with an editor for pails of gin, who pays? Just curious

They pay. Miss Snark foots the gin pail bill when she takes clients out for a night of revelry but editors invite and pay for Miss Snark's boon companionship at the bar.

When Miss Snark is in full tilt boogie sell, she's been known to mention all sorts of things. The quality of the work is largely unstated ...an editor can rightfully assume you will not be pitching something you think is drek. We talk about where this novel fits on the list, in the market, and potential for subsidiary rights sales: foreign rights, movie deals, and anything else that Miss Snark thinks she can talk someone into. We will talk about whether the book is right for hardcover or trade paper original. We'll talk about who can blurb it and where it's market strengths are (is it perfect for BookSense).

If an editor is concerned about a particular issue, whether a client is easy to work with, openness to editorial direction, of course I talk about that too. I'll bring out pictures of their kids, dogs and testimonials from Mom if I think it will help.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that I could get a testimonial from my Mom--she's tough.

Rudy Doyle said...

I won't have a problem there...my mom always said I was special...

magz said...

yanno? I really really liked this post! Not an overly nitwitty question, and an exellent straight answer.

It's kinda cool to picture Miss Snark in full Serious Schmooze mode, doing her exact job so exactly well. I couldnt; but I sure respect the skills and knowledge it takes to do it well.

We sure appriciate yer sharing MS, a small bowl of gin for KY and a rare T-bone for yourself!

Writerious said...

Cats? Birds? Guinea pigs? How about the nosy kid next door? I could get 'em all if it would help.