200 of you got the dreaded form email

I'm really sorry to do that but the backlog was making me nutso (ok, I can't blame all of my madness on you but I'm going to try!).

If you emailed a question before May 1, and I didn't send you an email saying "your answer is up on the blog", you're toast. (Jelly anyone?)

I tried to email everyone who was getting deleted but I probably missed a few.

Some of the questions had been answered in a different form or the info is in the Snarkives. Remember, there is an index to the Snarkives now thanks to Miss Adventure, who is being considered for sainthood after performing that miracle.

You can resend the question if you want but if you've gotten three or four of these "you're toast" emails, I"m probably not going to answer the question even if you resend it.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled Snarking.


Anonymous said...

I got deleted, but I still love you anyway, Miss Snark. Turns out it was a stupid question, and after a little thinking on the matter I felt silly for asking. I figure it wasn't even good enough to be the nitwit of the day. Maybe just the Nit.

Next time I'll have a much better question.
Cookies to KY! Gin pail to MS!

Kitty said...

I'm flabbergasted by everything you DO accomplish! I keep wondering if you have a life.

Anonymous said...


Miss Snark said...

I did have a life but sadly it was overdue so I had to return it to the library.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Miss Snark. Don't give the 200 turn-downs another thought. Your legions are professionals when it comes to being rejected. Snark on!

Anonymous said...

This is the final outrage.

I'm sending my question to the Evil Editor, who treats us with the respect we, or I at least, deserve.


Anonymous said...

Almost went into cardiac arrest when I opened the inbox and found unsolicited mail from MISS SNARK! I must have sent the question so long ago that I completely forgot about it. I stared blankly at miss.snark in the 'sender' field for about 30 seconds thinking: "NOW what have I done?"

S'okay, though. I'm flabbergasted at the amount you do manage to get through, and I recently e-mailed you a question on withdrawing a submission and the very next day your [very helpful] response was up on the blog. So I can't complain.

Snark on...

Fionnix said...

I wondered if, perhaps, all of this could be overwhelming.

No need to explain. Do your thing, Miss Snark. The world will turn the same way tomorrow even if someone doesn't get their question answered.

Mike Vecchio said...

I got deleted, but my question was addressed last week. I'm happy - got some good info.

Thanks Miss Snark and Miss Adventure.

Good idea, deleting the 200 emails. This way after you turn in your old one you can get a life - uh ... a new life that is, Miss Snark!!!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the fact that you took the time to let us know you kicked us out on our keesters. I thought you deleted mine because my attempt at humor offended you. I resubmitted minus the attempt at humor.