Drive on the right side of the road cause I said so

Dear Miss Snark,

I love your site.

Whare are synopses single-spaced? I would think that the rationale for double-spacing manuscripts would equally apply for synopses.

They are?
The ones I see that tend to go for more than a page are double spaced (or my favorite break the rules manuever: 1.5 lines).

Just make it easy to read. This isn't a contest to put one over on an agent. You can do anything you want to, it's not against the law to send tripled spaced, italic font, lambie pie stationery. It makes you look like a nitwit, that's all. The Cover Letter Police are busy steaming stamps off the SASE; they don't have time to actually read what you send.

When I look at a big splat of type on a page, I just don't want to read it. Do yourself a favor: make me reject your writing cause it sux, not cause your synopsis looks like a Rorshach test.


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

"The Cover Letter Police are busy steaming stamps off the SASE"--Miss Snark

"Ha! I knew it! I want my stamp back, Donald! Where is it??"--Me

Anonymous said...

I only single space one page synopsis. Otherwise I double space them.

kitty said...

"The Cover Letter Police are busy steaming stamps off the SASE"

Damn, princess beat me to it!

[Note to self: Buy monitor stock!]

Cheryll said...

Erm...reading between the lines here...(which IS easier if they are double spaced)...

"steaming stamps off the SASE"....huh?

I fear Miss Snark may be dating her none the less august self! Since I, too, can remember stamps that had to be licked...!!

Meg said...


I had a choice of lick or self-adhensive stamps at the post office last week. That doesn't date anything.

Carmen said...

I don't know about "lambie pie" stationery, but I'm quite fond of unicorns myself.