Happy Birthday Mr. Clooney

I'll be jumping out of your birthday cake!


Anonymous said...

uh-oh...can we say "restraining order"?

Roman Dog said...

Mr. Clooney asked me to relay the following:

Dear Fan of Mine,

Thank you for considering George Clooney when looking for a birthday greeting recipient. As you can imagine, George Clooney receives birthday greetings from many, many people, making the ability to personally respond to each not only very time-consuming, but literally impossible.

George Clooney hopes you'll excuse this form letter, but after reviewing your work, "Happy Birthday, Mr. Clooney," he has determined that it isn't right for George Clooney at this time.

George Clooney wishes you success in your search for a birthday greeting recipient.

George Clooney

M. G. Tarquini said...

Shhhh, Miss Snark!

It's supposed to be a surprise!

Write To Life said...

Miss Snark wants George. I want an agent. Let's do lunch!

Christine Fletcher said...

roman dog, if I was drinking a beverage, my keyboard would now be toast.

Zonk said...

*bows to roman dog*

Choice, roman. Absolutely choice.


Rei said...

Roman dog:

Is there an award for satirist of the day that I could nominate you for? ;)

Anonymous said...

And, um, what will you be wearing? We know stilettos--anything else?

Darn, I forgot my blogger password. Don't mean to post anonymously. I'm R Lewis.

McKoala said...

With or without clothes, KY and/or gin? All these may affect Mr C's immediate response.

Lady M said...

Ahhhhhh... She's lying ya know.

She's really in his kitchen in a sheer negligeeeeeeeeee...

With a spatula.

And they are licking the homemade frosting out of the bowl together - as we speak.

Roman Dog said...

Thanks for the kind words - but I must acknowledge that I learned satire at the feet of my master. (agentless.blogspot)

He's a dick - but he feeds me. (Please don't tell him I said that.)

Lindsay Montemurro said...

Happy Birthday George Clooney!
Hi! Just another female fan who enjoys your acting and good looks.

I'll have a drink to celebrate on your big day!:)