How Time Flies When You're Being Burned

Dear Miss Snark,

A year ago, I queried an agent who subsequently requested Novel #1. Before I sent it, another agent read Novel #2, loved it enough to ask for Novel #1, which he also said he loved. Though we didn't yet have a formal agreement, I agreed to revising Novel #2 to get it ready for him to submit. From everything this agent said, I assumed we had a good thing going (he loved my writing, loved the voice, was giving me names of editors he planned to sub to, etc.). Nevertheless, after nine months and two major revisions, he decided against representing my work. (KY here: I hope you enrolled him in the Rottweiler of the Month club after that little disappointment)

Now I'd like to send Novel #2 to that first agent, but it's been such a long time since she requested it that I'm not sure how to proceed. Should I send the novel without mentioning the time that has passed? I assume she's not holding her breath; still, I feel strange not acknowledging the passage of so many months. Should I send it with an apology for taking so long? An explanation? Instead of sending the mss cold, should I requery?

I fear I may deserve Nitwit of the Day for my stupidity in giving the second agent such a long exclusive, but it's done now. By the way, the mss has been requested by other agents, too, so it is out there. No more exclusives. I learned that one the hard way.

Send her a nice letter. Say something like "I'm sorry it's taken so long to follow up on your interest. Would you still like to read Title?". Don't mention that other agent or your disappoinment.

We all learn the hard way. Miss Snark carries an aqua feather duster at all times so she can dust herself off after falling on her face.

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