Miss Snark starts the week with ANOTHER correction

Miss Snark:

Minor correction on copyright.

You can sue for actual damages if you have not registered. What registration permits you to do is get statutory damages, currently running at $250K per infringement. Which in the case of the vast majority of books, is way more than actual damages, hence the value of a registration.

Oh Miss Snark should have spent the weekend in the law library instead of chaperoning KY to his employment interview at Peter Luger's for a position on the "bone disposal squad".

Thanks to all the sharp eyed readers who keep Miss Snark on the unfrayed path of accuracy.


Anonymous said...

If the copyright is not registered, how do you prove when the work was created?

Jude Calvert-Toulmin said...

hi miss snark,

although there is a possibility that some of the legal advice you are giving is only applicable under american law and not british, neverthelss, it's all fascinating.

i've only just discovered your blog. it inspired me to start blogging. thanks very much for all the info you freely dispense into the blogosphere, it's much appreciated.

your blog is now on my "how the publishing industry works" research list; i shall be reading it regularly from now on and recommending it to my writing chums.

cheers and chin chin :)


archer said...

There is an introductory overview of copyright law put out by the U.S. Copyright Office:


Anonymous said...

This might help. Not sure where I got the link--maybe even from the Snarkives.


Mark said...

Or this source: scriveners error

Jude Calvert-Toulmin said...

> Thanks to all the sharp eyed readers who keep Miss Snark on the unfrayed path of accuracy.

i just want to clarify that my spelling of "nevertheless" as "neverthlss" in my first comment for this blog was in fact deliberate in order to make Miss Snark feel better.

then i discovered this, from the archived blog entry: "Miss Snark confesses she is...yes...compulsive"

"In all three manuscripts Miss Snark was really
really REALLY annoyed to find spelling errors,
format errors, blank pages, missing pages and
general all around slacker pages."

i'm hoping that in the comments section of the snarkosphere we're allowed to kick our shoes off and put our feet on the sofa by using lower case and occasionally making typos.

Ooooh I've just noticed that's probably not cricket. OK I will behave.