Not sucky, but not right either

Mademoiselle Snark

I recently received a form rejection for a partial I sent in. However, inked at the bottom was a handwritten message: "Please keep us in mind for future projects"

Would you say this is an encouraging sign? I mean, obviously, not "please allow me to represent you, oh talented one, and feel free to borrow my Jag any time" encouraging, but at least perhaps "your writing is sufficiently unrepulsive that I wouldn't mind giving you a second bite at the kumquat" encouraging? Or does it not really mean a thing?

I seem to remember you saying that you occasionally scribbled a note or two on your form rejections, and wondered how often you did that and what generally motivated you to do so.

It means you're not one of the 80% sucakage rate but you're not writing something I like well enough yet to read more of. Did you kill a puppy on page one? (Killer Yapp would like to speak to you if that is so) Leer at a buxom blonde rocket scientist on page 14? Forget that I don't read or sell anything remotely "sweet, innocent, or (gag) coming of age" oriented?

I don't mark this often. Maybe once every 500 queries..maybe. Mostly I read things I think have potential to sell, and say "no dice" to the rest.


Elektra said...

Aren't kumquats a one-bite fruit?

Miss Snark said...

only if you can unhinge your jaw.

McKoala said...

%&$*! My keyboard!

Sherry Decker said...

I'm glad Miss Snark stops reading/considering mss that involve the killing or harming of animals. I used to publish a small press fiction magazine and my guidelines specifically stated "no harm to animals or children" and people would STILL submit material that did exactly that - and they'd be angry and write back to me for rejecting their material. Do you suppose this is due to ignorance or stubborness?

BuffySquirrel said...

Sherry, it's probably due to "It's different when it's me" syndrome :).