The Snarkometer challenged!

An editor, an honest to dog editor, is critiquing query letters on his blog.

A smart person would go over there, take a look, take another look, probably take notes and submit stuff, given Mr. Evil seems to be (gasp!) helpful rather than just ..well...snarkolicious.

You can come back over here for Snarky comments about other things of course during your breaks from actually, yanno (tm), writing.

PS This guy MAY be funnier than Miss Snark, but I must keep reading to know for sure.


megoblocks said...

But does he have his own theme song?

Miss Snark said...

Well, Miss Snark didn't have her own theme song at first either. But she does now!

MTV said...

Ya Know - I kinda like Evil Editor!!!

Oh ... a ... of course this blog is truly the epitome of blogs ... I was just suggesting ... that one focusing on specifically "query" structure could be very informative ... and useful in the process of ... hmmm ... obtaining an agent ...

All kidding aside - that is a great tip!

Thanks - M

McKoala said...

Evil Editor's clickometer will go into overdrive now that you've mentioned him.

Anyone else struggle to read the text? I had to highlight it all to be able to read it against the brown wallpaper background.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Oh, Man! Is this guy (gal?) good!

May the gods of thin thighs and free gin bless you mightily, Miss Snark, for providing this link.

Sarah Addison Allen said...

This guy's blog is one long love letter to Miss Snark.

Evil Editor looooooves Miss Snark!

S D said...

After reading his comments, I realize my idea of a query letter is pretty good. A lot of the info he gives was covered in my advanced writing classes.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it. This new guy beats the pants off Miss Snark. Let's all dump this chick, her gin pail and her stupid dog and head on over to EE's. He won't care how many aliens show up in chapter 14; he'll respect true artistry.

---Disgruntled Author