Solving your Prologue problem once and for all

Miss Snark has been quite the reader this weekend.
Too bad none of it was anything remotely resembling work!

Tonight, Miss Snark offers up a very clever idea stolen from the pages of So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld. Call your prologue "chapter zero" and your conclusion "chapter whatever". Or the reverse.

Fun, zippy book too.


Mina A said...

Drat. I did that with my book... but I'm not published, and probably not as witty. Ah well. D: Might as well keep it.

McKoala said...

Oh most awsomely awful one, you seem to be developing a bit of a taste for YA.

Have you read 'How I live now' by Meg Rosoff? That's been the standout book for me over the past year of writing, living, breathing YA.

Kitty said...

What is it about books about shoes?

It's been my experience that people aren't looking at my shoes as I walk on by.

But, that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Yay for you for reading YA literature and bringing it to your readers' attention. Isn't it great! Says the oh-so-humble author of YA literature.

I'd also recommend Feed by M.T. Anderson (thought-provoking and scary), A Room on Lorelei Street by Mary Pearson (gorgeous prose and heart-wrenching), Feeling Sorry for Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty (clever and funny) and, of course, my incredibly brilliant first novel, she says oh so humbly.

Anonymous said...

Kitty, of course people aren't looking at your shoes as they walk by. They're thinking about THEIR shoes and how hot they look in them.

(insert evil grin here)


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld, but even better was his book Peeps.


Cynthia Bronco said...

I'm looking forward to reading "Rash" by Pete Hautman (for those who are intrigued by "Feed").

Ken Boy said...

"Call your prologue 'chapter zero' and your conclusion 'chapter whatever'."

Cool, like calling the clubhouse "the 19th green". Of course, you still get drunk there. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Snark

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Here's my response.

Hi Barbara,

Posting someone's name online to ask about their
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In asking about your company online, the posters to our forum were
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I'll be happy to post your objection under your company's name on our
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Angela Hoy

Neat idea - shit I reckon even a billion dollars would do me!
Signed with the obvious alias of Albert Terego (insomniac6001@yahoo.com.au)