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Right Hon. Snark,

I sent a full out to an agent about three months ago. At the time I sent it, her website said that an answer would come back on a full in three months. Between now and then, her website upped the ante to four months. It's now been changed to six. Would it be okay in this context to ask her where I stand in line, as it were, or should I just wait it out?

I don't want to pester, but six months seems an awfully long time for an answer on a requested full.

Well sure it is, if you think we actually read the things.
Silly you.
No no.
We use them to replace missing furniture legs; we use them as coffee tables. I use mine as a weight bench. We ignore them for as long as we can, then call in a special vacuuming service to suck out the SASE without actually disturbing the pages. Then we send you a form letter telling you that of course we read it, and sadly, alas, and to our ever lasting regret, the market is just so competitive, and really, it's such a tough world, (and we don't want to disturb the furniture), so no.

Miss Snark shakes herself like a Labrador to regain her focus.
Where was I?

oh yes, watching time march on.

Email her. Ask if your work is still in consideration. Mention the date you sent it. No need to actually do the math or state the obvious (you lazy slut, read this damn thing and make me an offer!)

It sounds like she bit off more than she can chew and is trying to not over promise. That sounds like a pretty good person to work with.


the green ray said...

Miss Snark, you are such a delight. Every evening when I sit down with my non-gin on the rocks, it is such a pleasure to tune in to your latest episode. In this writer's world of endless waiting and rejection, your blog is truly one of life's greatest pleasures. Thank you again - I mean it!

Jeff Smith said...

I think I have a partial in with the same agent (the timeline sounds about the same). I did the math and if I get a request for the full manuscript I won't hear an answer until Christmas (a "yes" would make a fine gift). I was beginning to doubt this agent, thanks Miss Snark for the encouraging words.

Anonymous said...

What green ray just said so well -- same goes for me, Miss Snark. Thank you!!!

lizzie26 said...

Yeah, but if that agent "bit off more than she could chew," I'd worry how she'd be able to rep me properly, or get back to my emails if she was my agent.

Lady M said...

Like a lab?

What has KY to say about that?


Anonymous said...

I had a partial with an agent for four months. Another agent had my full for over three months. When I got an offer of representation, I emailed those agents and whoa, daddy-o! Amazing how fast you'll hear from an agent when an offer is on the table. I'm talking, like, five minutes. I say keep querying.

Now I'm back to waiting on editors. Full circle, baby.

Miss Snark said...

Lizzie, the fact that she's conscientious about even the slush pile is a very very indicator that she's conscientious about clients. Slush comes last, clients come first.

Anonymous said...

An agent requested my full on the strength of an e-query, and six weeks later she called me with an offer. This is a very busy, successful lady, yet she managed to get back to me in a reasonable time, and was even apologetic about taking the time that she had.

Now, that is the kind of time frame I can understand... If I had a pile of stuff hanging around for six months, with more coming in all the time, I assume, I would set fire to the pile and start afresh. Which is why I'm not an agent, I suppose.

Take heart, people. Not all agents stretch you out on a six month rack.

litagent said...

Current authors ALWAYS come before potential ones, so selling, negotiating, mediating when necessary, will take precedence over reading new material, which we do in every spare moment (sitting in taxis, on trains, at kids' baseball games). I've cut back severely on the number of manuscripts I'll even agree to look at because I feel so guilty about the amount of time it sometimes takes me to respond to new submissions. Take heart. We really DO want to find the next great thing.

Elektra said...

Jeff, is this a new agent--or rather an agent venturing off from one agency to begin her own?

Jeff Smith said...

She's an agent venturing off from an agency to start her own.

Elektra said...

Miss Snark, I apologize in advance for the following bit of shameless self-promotion...

The Crapometer (crapometer.blogspot.com Not affiliated with Miss Snark, exceptinn the participants' unending devotion) could really use some more submissions.

Elektra said...

Jeff, I think we are talking about the same agent, then

lizzie26 said...

As I've said before, Miss Snark, you sound like a great agent. Mind you, I'm not kissing-up. I have a great agent. Anyway, a pail of gin for you!