Won for the no money

Miss Snark,

I (very) recently won a prestigious honor in my genre from a regional writing organization, and as a result will be presenting my work in a public forum in front of publishing industry representatives. (yay!) I've also been told that agents attend this event, as well.

For the past two and a half months, I've been corresponding with an agent. He hasn't signed me yet--he wanted me to make some revisions to mymanuscript before he offered anything, but has asked for an exclusive (Miss Snark has opinions on exclusives) when I'm done with my rewrite. I haven't finished the revisions yet (I'm almost done). Should I call him to let him know about the honor? Email? Is it that big a deal? I know when you have a contract in hand from a publisher, you're supposed to drop everything and race to the phone. Are awards the same way, or are they just nice sprinkles on the cupcake of a cover letter, and Mr. Agent won't care because he's already seen the work?

When you finish your revisions and send them off, include a cover letter that shares the good news. A prize like this is beside the point if he's already requested your material. He may mention it to editors he submits to if it's a significant prize, or it may just be one of those things that was fun to win but really won't do much to move your career along.

In any case, don't phone or email him. He won't tell you this but these calls are just annoying cause it's so churlish to say "This is meaningless" to an excited prospective client...but it is.

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