Extraordinary talent

could you expand on "Extraordinary talent". I know it is at least partially subjective, but it would be interesting to hear what makes you excited by a manuscript - I think it's much easier to say what makes something competent/incompetent but then we don't buy fiction for competence....thank you!

I didn't mean a manuscript. By Extraordinary talent I mean people like:

Jackson Pollock
Morton Feldman
Renee Fleming

Mary Karr
Leontyne Pryce
Taraji Henson (look her up)

These are people who make art that leaves me in awe.


Anonymous said...

I painted before I decided to write. I thought I was talented until I saw what my daughter could do with an idea, a photoshop program and a drawing tablet. She blew my socks off when she was eleven.
Now we have to figure out where she's going to use that talent.

I still have a half-baked hope that my writing will make someone say, "She's got talent."

michael gavaghen said...

Nice list.

Mine includes Ray Charles and John Coltrane. John McPhee. Early-period David Rabe and middle-period David Mamet. Aretha. Katherine Hepburn. Ginsberg. Ken Keysey. Michael Jordan. (Hold me down, I haven't done this since college.)

It is fair to say, Yo, we're a whole lot more interested in what Miss Snark considers extraordinary talent. But this blog has become something of a community, and I like when people let me in on what moves them.

So let's see other lists.

michael gavaghen said...

Pay no attention to my previous post.

I looked again at Miss Snark's list, and the only people from mine who belong in the discussion are Coltrane and Ginsberg. (Maybe Ken Keysey.) The rest of mine are extraordinary craftsmen, not people who "make art that leaves me in awe."

It surprises me that as I get older, an artist's dedication to and mastery of craft impresses me more than talent. I like that it does, but that's a list for another discussion.

Carter said...

Morton Feldman but not Marty?

Anonymous said...

Dang! I'm not on her list.