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Dear Miss Snark,

Last week, I sent out five queries, each including an SASE. In addition, each query listed my address, email address, and cell phone number.
This weekend, my cell phone was stolen.

Now I'm wondering: is there even a remote chance that an agent would try to telephone me at this stage? I believe (or at least, I hope) that even in the case of positive replies, most agents would use the SASE or email. Is this the case, or merely wishful thinking on my part?

Feeling Nitwittish,

Nitwittish?? Unless you dangled your cell phone over a pack of snarling teens and cooed "come and get it honey pants", I don't blame you for this situation. First of course, your PHONE was stolen but not your number. Have you called your provider to have your number forwarded?

Second, don't worry. If Honeypants has your phone, and answers it (ah yes, enter the nitwit!) then any agent (who isn't so clue free as to be a menace) will know tis not you. Now, if your calls go unanswered, do they ring to voice mail? You can still access your voice mail.

Bottom line: I don't think I've called someone more than twice at this stage of the game and it was mostly cause they didn't have email. I always prefer email (and most of us do) cause there is a written record of what was asked/answered/said.

Don't worry.


theinadvertentauthor said...

Nitwittery would be if you dropped your cell phone in the John at the local eatery (before flushing), and actually considered retrieving it. Hmmmm...retrieve...flush, retrieve...flush...hmmmmm...

Of course it goes without saying, if an agent happened to call at that very time, I would have, without a moment's hesitation, rolled up my sleeve and gone fishing!

Anonymous said...

You can't make this stuff up. Tough situation.

Hey, what if the guy who stole it also wrote a novel, and has queries out. I think this is a great idea for a novel!

Anonymous said...

Totally off-topic, but WTF is up with Mr. Baccarat sending out emails with Trojans? If any of you other nitwits, er, I mean, well, you know what I mean...

If you get an email from the Casino guy, don't open it!

I hope you blackball that mo-fo through all of major publishing for that.

Thank Dogs for security, but dog bless my curiosity. Never again!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Just on EE, I just asked how often an agent sends the SASE back with a request for more--does this really happen, Miss Snark, or does the agent just pick up the phone to ask for more?

My guess is if they are that interested, they wouldn't waste their time with the USPS, right?

Anonymous said...

I always thought a good premise for a TV ad for laptops or cell phones or blackberries or whatever would be for a high-powered exec with a morning meeting to leave his device on a cab roof. Hobo picks it up, finds appointments for a facial/haircut/ manicure/pedicure/ suit-fitting, etc. Makes all the appointments, comes out looking and smelling like a brand new dollar bill. Then he finds all the info for the morning meeting, poses as the exec and makes the presentation to kudos all around. Meanwhile, the erstwhile exec ends up in the gutter, a broken man after losing access to all his stuff.

Maybe this would make a good novel. Change the executives to writers, and it ain't much different.

Jenna Black said...

Manic Mom--I got plenty of SASE's back with requests for more during my long quest for publication. The only time an agent actually called me was when she'd read the full and was ready to offer to represent me.

The moral of the story is, don't assume your returned SASE is bad news.

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark, a related question: you mentioned the other day not to send follow-up emails about vacation. I am away from home for the whole summer (not exactly vacation) and have only occasional access to my email until early August. I can't access my home phone messages.
I have two full mss and one partial out with agents. Shouldn't I inform them in some way... just in case?

none said...

anonymous the second--I think the exec would need to leave his credit card along with the phone!

Robin L. said...

I work for a wireless company and I can tell you a couple of things:
1) You can't forward your calls without the actual handset (I've tried)
2) You need to call them immediately so that you won't be responsible for any calls being made
3) Miss Snark is absolutely right that you should be checking your voice mail remotely
4) If you need to be getting calls immediately, walk into a retail store, explain the situation, get them to give you a new phone (even without insurance it should be steeply discounted since you are an existing customer and most carriers have upgrade plans). They'll hand you a phone with a new sim card on the spot. Then you'll need to call and activate the sim card and you should be good to go within 2 hours.

Good luck to you! It sucks, I know, but it's pretty easy to fix. The louder you cry, the bigger the discount they'll give you, too. ;)