Hey! My comment got zapped!

Some of you may be wondering why your comments get zapped.
One such commenter (zapped) said I didn't post links that would draw you away from my blog.

I don't post links in the comment column if I don't know who you are...Anon. Sometimes I have time to verify the links and I'll post them but often I'm just charging through the list and if you've got a link and it's not obvious what it is and I don't know you...zap.

If you want to have a link, you gotta have a name.
One too many penis enlargers spoils the...well, I'm not sure what it spoiled but there'll be no penis enlarging on THIS blog!! Harumph!

Also, I've tried to reduce the number of comments that are just "you suck" redux unless you're saying "miss snark sux". It's my blog, take your best shot, but dogpiling isn't the best use of canine resources. Killer Yapp prefers we all just admire his festive new straw boater.

Also, if you are just exercising your chops about grammar, punctuation, word choice...get a grip. (if you can't get a grip let me know, I'll forward the penis enlarger links).

The exception to that is when the friggin links I've posted don't work. Let me know, plleeeeze.
I don't post the comment but I do fix them. I'm getting better in the linkage thing but oh man, I'm still as adept as duck on skates.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled snarking.


Manic Mom said...

We are learning so many secrets! (This is just a test to see if my comment will be zapped or not.)

virginia said...

This is perfectly sensible and understandable. I'm not a blogger, so I don't have a permanant online identity. When my comments are general (ie. "You rock, Miss Snark!"), I just click anonymous. When my comments are informed by my limited frame of refrence, I post my name. Unless I'm feeling too lazy to type in that extra bit. Is this terribly rude? Would the rest of you prefer knowing the source even when it's irrelevent? I'll adhere to popular opinion in the future...

Bibliophile Bitch said...

No Penis Enlarging? Ohhh and I was hoping to have some fun today. After all, it's the weekend. A little penis enlarging might be in order.
Stomp 'em with your stilettos, Miss Snark.

magz said...

Aha, we've passed Memorial Day, havent we? That explains the summer chapaeu for KY, huh! Bet you've traded the bunny slippers for flip flops, and both they and your go-to-town stilettos are a lovely shade of pale...

LJCohen said...

The link thing is a pain in the you know what. I finally copied the instructions and keep them in a text file because I keep forgetting:

[a href="link"]text to click on[/a]

You need to change [ ] to < >

Anonymous said...

I guess sometimes its nice to know there's that extra little "safety net" to protect us from the impropriety of our initial knee-jerk reactions.

I've had snipes disappear on occasion that, had they survived, I might have regretted.

This one for instance?

tail 'twixt the legs said...

You might want to let some of the spam through; after all, a sharp "attitude adjustment" courtesy of Miss Snark and some of her crew can leave one feeling a little... limp.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

You could always post substitute comments, such as:

"Omitted here is an inane, insipid, or idiot comment from: [insert name]"


"The comment submitted for inclusion in this section revealed the author to have a terminal case of the Triple I disease. The submitter is inept, inefficient, and inexperienced."


"The comment intended for this post made by "Anon #45" had no redeeming qualities and has been forwarded to a little known government agency which lacks a sense of humor."

kis said...

Virginia, people just like to know who you are--even if you post as anon and sign off as -DZ, or whatever--because then they can do what I'm doing right now.

It's a pain to reply to an anonymous poster, especially if there's more than one of them. Then you gotta start assigning numbers, or quoting what they said that you're replying to, and it all just gets so frigging complicated that those of us with pathological apathy and an acute lack of sleep just throw up our hands and say fuck the whole damn thing if they can't take a joke already!


What I meant to say was, nice to meet you, Virginia. :)

blaironaleash said...

Hey, I wasn't libelling old Chuck! I love old Chuck! It was a joke! (As well as true).

bonniers said...

Sha'el, you made me spew coffee on my keyboard --

Ooops, sorry.

Your ladyship should be informed that the contents of your post produce rather strong hydraulic reactions in readers imbibing fluid...