Listen to your ma, pleeease

Your Royal Snarkiness,
I want to put up a mini-site for my unpublished novel, The Book: A Novel with the basic query letter, an excerpt and some other stuff. I'm also considering putting up a bunch of the rejections and requests for menuscript pages et al, with the agents names taken off, since I think it might be interesting to visitors of my site. However, I'm worried that any agents who do stumble on the mini-site will see a bunch of rejections and that will be an immediate turn off. Is this worry justified?

What do you want to accomplish doing this?
I think you'd be insane to post rejection letters for a novel you're shopping.
It's one thing to do it after you sell it, but NOW?

Didn't your mother tell you to wear clean underwear everyday in case you were hit by a bus? Rejection letters are dirty drawers, I don't want to see them, I don't want to hear about them and I really don't want to know you've got them on.



Anonymous said...

Oh, good grief, what kind of online, brain dead generation are we raising?

If you meet with failure put it on the Web so everyone can see what a loser you are???

Excerpts are ok if you want to troll for critiques, but posting rejection letters just because other writers might find them interesting is bloody moronic.

You put those up only AFTER the book's sold, toots!

Anonymous said...

This reply has a lone, hanging, capital letter Y at the end, yet says 'posted by Miss Snark.'

Has Killer Yap stolen the secret password?

hcsnoix said...

How about a mini-mini site with essentially just a genericized version of the query letter?

verification word suggestion: hocuspocus

Bernita said...

Dear Mini-siter,
You want to interest agents and editors - should any happen to stop by - NOT other bloggers.
Commiseration might feel good but do not emphasize your failures.

kis said...


I'm not sure I get the purpose of a mini-mini site with a query letter on it? Are you trying to solicit requests from this? Is the idea that agents at a loss for things to do might google "query letter" or something, arrive at your site and say, "Hot damn, I gotta rep me that book!"

Cause I dunno if agents have the time to do that much surfing, or whether they'd be impressed by something like that.

I suspect they would be more inclined to think you're too lazy to research the agents who rep your genre, and too cheap to front postage on queries. Either way, they might not be eager to work with you.

Anonymous said...

Not a good idea.

Georgia Girl