Querying with revised letters from Mr. Evil

Dear Miss Snark,
I was just wondering how agents would feel receiving a query letter that they recognize as having been critiqued on a site such as Evil Editor. Assuming that you’d remember reading the original (maybe very crappy) query, would this put you off? Would you be curious enough to go read the original from the archives?

well, no, I wouldn't go prowling around to see old versions, I'd just look at what you sent. And I do get query letterss I recognize from the Crapometer. And from people who read this blog. I think it's a total hoot. I always feel REALLY bad when I have to say no to someone I know is regular reader here.

Bottom line: don't worry your evil past will haunt you.


Anonymous said...

But what if the original was so unbelievably awful, you got terrifying flashbacks of it without even having to go look?

Anonymous said...

" . . . don't worry your evil past will haunt you."

It does if your wife knows about it. -JTC

pjd said...

"... don't worry your evil past will haunt you."

This provides perfect illustration of the need for proper punctuation and sentence structure.

Is this supposed to read, "Don't worry, your evil past will haunt you" or "Don't worry that your evil past will haunt you"?

Chumplet said...

Evil, schmevil... I'll take a chance.

Cynthia Bronco said...

Don't feel really bad, but please do enclose a clue stick in the SASE for future use.

igvati -word verification is a great source for character names & places

Anonymous said...

As the oracle said, "victory impossible defeat". Where does that pesky comma go?