Welcome back to the Blogosphere Miss B!

As many of you are aware Bella Stander has been on the injured reserved list.
Miss Snark is glad to see she's ...ahem...back in the saddle (ok, not as funny as a kick in the pants but close..right?).

Bella got thrown for a curve (oy).

Now she's back, and neighing in on the old SASE discussion cause, truly, it was that or lie around and watch her bruises fade. Heck, much more SASE talk, I'll vote for watching paint dry.

In any case (even with the SASE talk) we're real glad to see Miss B back in biz.


LauraT said...

No SASE? Why even put a return address on the cover letter?

M. G. Tarquini said...

We have only skimmed the surface of the SASE quandary. This is an issue that must remain at the forefront of items over which aspiring authors can obsess. If we allow the SASE controversy to die, what hope will there be for the even more important question of whether we should type one space, or two spaces after a period?

Bella Stander said...

Thanks for the rousing greeting--and all the traffic to my blog! I'm not quite back in the saddle yet, though the rented electric La-Z-Boy I've been occupying lately is upholstered in leather. And you should see Darling Husband bridle anytime someone asks whether I'm going to ride again. (I'd like to, but there's the little matter of a broken humerus & non-functioning, formerly dominant right hand to clear up first.)

Cheers to all the Snarklings.

Mark said...

More of "which side of the stamp to lick."