You know, Whatsisname

Hi, Miss Snark,

I was wondering if you would be turned off by main characters with peculiar names that are easy to pronounce.


Elvis Cole
Jack Reacher
Jane Doe

I've give my left ..um...stiletto to have found THOSE character's creators.


Anonymous said...

How about Tuesday Next?

I love that name.

Anonymous said...

Peculiar and easy to prononounce are not necessarily related.

Cutting the apostrophes and odd characters in the name helps.

Stephen said...

How about Tuesday Next?

Are you sure you don't mean Thursday Next?

All of Jasper Fforde's characters' names have something wonderful about them.

Anonymous said...

I managed to stop a neo from inflicting her Aragorn-crossed with-James-Bond-style fantasy hero with the name, "Mongo." Jane Goodall does not give her beloved chimps such circus-like monikers.

I did read a book with a "Gloria Munday" in it. That was in the 60's, and a lot of strange things happened then.

i asked the question said...

Well, what if the name wasn't really a name for a person, but it was the name of a place or food or something? It was a word most people knew, but it was confusing to see it because it wasn't a name.

e.g.: "I don't want to go," said Michigan.

Simon Haynes said...

Hal Spacejock. Try THAT one on google ;-)

Mary said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who mixed us Thursday's name.